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Clarins Skin Consultation Experience at Selfridges, London

I have become foundation obsessed recently, and I notice a few tiny fine lines around my mouth (O-M-G!). The normal drugstore foundations cannot satisfy my obsession anymore. With the appearance of "fine lines", I believe I should step up my skincare routine, and this has given me a perfect excuse to explore the higher end beauty products.

I am always very skeptical about beauty counters in department stores. The counter ladies have flawless make up, their eyes are like hawks , watching all women passing-by, waiting to grab them into their counters and sell them stuff that they either do not need or in the wrong shades to fulfil the sales target.

After a few clicks on google, I was armed with my well-researched knowledge and narrowed it down to two brands that I wanted to try: Clinique and Clarins.

My sister (@beautyorbread) and I set foot in the Selfridges beauty hall. We went to the Clinique counter first. It was busy! So busy that while we were standing in front of the foundation section to try out products, every 2 seconds a Clinique lady would come over and said "Excuse me ladies, I just need to grab something from these drawers". Me and my sister had to keep shifting back and forth to give way, how annoying!

So we swiftly left Clinique and headed to the Clarins counter.

It was a very calm area in comparison. I was again very aware of the eagle-eyed counter ladies. But for some reason, a friendly voice next to me said "Hello!", I turned and there she was smiling (later I learnt her name was Natalie). I didn't know what got into me, but her smile was warm and friendly, she didn't have that "hard-selling" aura around her. She asked if I was looking for anything in particular, so I told her I was looking for a foundation etc..

Natalie sat me down, had a feel for my skin and showed me a few products that she thought they would help easing my lines. She explained thoroughly of what each product was for and how I should use them. She was knowledgeable and extremely patience with us, as both me and my sister asked her so many questions - a mix of Clarins related questions and general skincare questions.

Natalie then went on to match my skin with foundation shades. No fancy machine involved. Natalie applied a few shades on my jaw line for colour matching, and my shade turned out to be No. 110 Honey.

I went away with some excellent products and a handful of free samples. So as my sisters too! She didn't purchase anything but Natalie gave her a few samples to try out.

So here are what I bought:

Back row from left to right:
Candle (free gift when purchase 3 or more products)
Eau Dynamisante Fragrance (free gift when purchase 3 or more products)
Multi-Active Night Youth Recovery Cream - £43
Pure Melt Cleansing Gel - £19.50
Toning Lotion with Iris - £18

Front row front left to right:
Multi-Active Day Early Wrinkle Correction Lotion SPF 15 (free sample)
Eye Contour Gel (free sample)
Pure and Radiant Mask with Pink Clay (free sample)
Ever Matte Foundation SPF 15 - No. 110 honey (I had 4 samples as my shade was out of stock)
Packets of Seeds - Corriander and Basil (a bit random, Natalie said natural plants is Clarins' theme at the moment)

It might be the sales techniques that Natalie used, and if so, those techniques have definitely worked on me. Throughout the whole consultation, Natasha talked me through the products patiently, she didn't push me to buy anything. I only chose to buy the products that I needed (I already have a day cream and serum at home, so I didn't buy those). And I think this is good service.

I will definitely go back again. Hm... I think I need an evening foundation next...


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