The Weird and Wonderful World of Christiaan Nagel

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I don’t actively look out for art exhibitions to go to. It was only because my colleague Ben, who is friends with Christiaan, kindly invited me along to the opening night last Thursday, that I experienced the weird and wonderful world of Christiaan Nagel. 

Christaan Nagel is a South African borned street sculptor. (Check out his website here for more info about his art work etc.) “The Fi of the Underworld” is Christiaan latest exhibition in Hoxton Gallery, east London. 
Yellow Shirt guy is Christiaan
The exhibition space filled with various over-sized mushrooms and an arch of over-size fishes.

The fishes were cleverly suspended from the ceiling, as I walked under the arch and looked up, I could feel the movement, as if they were real fishes flying over my head!

However, I loved the over-sized mushrooms the most! They were all so cute!! Some were displayed on pillars, whereas others were attached on the wall , as if they were just grew out from the wall!! As I walked round the gallery, I felt like I was inside Alice in the Wonderland!

All the sculpture pieces (both mushrooms and fishes) are hand made by Christiaan. They are all for sale from around £100 upwards, depends on size and colour. The pieces were selling fast!
I was in love with the silver mushroom, but £250 was a bit too much for me (I took a picture with it instead), there were more wallet friendly options too!
At the “shop corner”, there were miniature mushrooms to take home for as little as £10 ! All the miniature mushrooms are again hand made and all are numbered. I bought a cute little blue one, it was so cute on my desk.

Christiaan’s exhibition was originally from 7th – 12th August. Due to popular demand, it is now extended to Friday 15th August! It is free entry too!

If you are at the Shoreditch area, do pop in to Hoxton Gallery for a wander. You won’t disappoint!

The Fi of the Underworld by Christiaan Nagel
Hoxton Gallery


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